Easy Keyword Research Using Market Samurai

Keyword Research - Market Samurai
Easy Keyword Research

There are 3 main ways to go about marketing a product or service to an end customer, using Keyword Research, with the goal of making a sell for profit.

1. Select an affiliate or cpa offer with a decent payout then do market research to determine the market or if there is a market.

2. Find a bestselling product by researching amazon and related sites then do further research to target that market and analyze the competition.

3. Find a target market that exists and is not being filled or satisfied i.e find a market inefficiency by using question sites such as Quora and fill these market inefficiencies with solutions in the form of products and services.

For this study we will use the first way:

Select a cpa offer with a decent payout (> $5.00) then do market research to determine the market or if there is a market.

Step 1 – Start with a profitable niche, a product or goal of some kind.

Goal – give away free Amora coffee to customers for 2.95 shipping while earning at least $50 a day. From the goal we can deduce the product and niche:

Product = Amora coffee
Niche = free coffee

The product, Amora coffee, is a cpa offer from CPA lead with a payout to the publisher of 7.92. The customer gets a 14.95 bag of premium coffee for free when they agree to pay the cost of shipping 2.95.

This product was found by becoming a publisher for CPA lead and searching its offer database. I selected this product based on my experience in seeing coffee drinkers and a belief that people may be interested in getting free premium coffee to make at home.

Hence, I made whats called a market bet. If my bet is right I have the potential to make 7.92 every time someone pays shipping for their free coffee.

Since every venture needs a monetary goal we will set a target of $50 a day with this particular product.

So that means in order to make $50 a day from marketing Amora Coffee I would have to give away:

$50 / 7.92 per unit equals 6.31 units.
Since 6.31 units is not possible we round up to 7 units a day as our goal.
This would give us a profit potential of: 7 units x 7.92 per unit which equals a profit potential of: $55.44.

With our niche, product and goal in mind we then move on to step 2.

In this step we will use Keyword Research to validate or invalidate our market bet.

Step 2 – Discover the target audience for your product and niche.

To discover the target audience for our product and niches we will use a Keyword Research process.

Step 1 – Discover keywords that people who search for free coffee may do a Google search for.

To make this discovery we can start by brainstorming:
Ask the question: What search term might someone who wants free coffee use?Answers: free coffee, make coffee at home, free coffee online, coffee

Step 2 – From your answer list select a focus keyword, to get the process started.

From my answers list I selected the Keyword: Coffee

Step 3 – You now have a focus keyword and can perform the required keyword research.
Tool 1 For Keyword Research – Market Samurai

If you never heard of or don’t have a copy of Market Samurai you can learn about and download the free trial or purchase it here: www.marketsamurai.com

Once you have Market Samurai downloaded and installed proceed as follows:

1. Open Market Samurai and enter your keyword into the “Keyword” section then press Enter. In this study we’ll type Coffee into the box… hopefully we’ll find a great keyword we can target! The rest of the information will fill automatically. Hit the “Create” button.

keyword research - market samurai

2. Click on the “Lock Icon” next to Keyword Research.

keyword research - market samurai

3. Hit “Generate Keywords” then Press “Keyword Analysis
keyword research - market samurai

4. Tick “Organic” and “Title Comp”
Deselect everything except the box marked “Organic” and “Title Comp SEOTC”.

SEOTC stands for SEO Title Competition. “Title Comp” is short for “Title Competition” and tells you the number of sites in Google with that keyword or phrase in its page title.

Title Competition is a good way of judging how many other sites are optimized and actively trying to target the same audience as you. When it comes to title competition less is better.

Set SEO Traffic (SEOT) to 10 – This tells Market Samurai that you only want to see the keywords that get more than 10 searches a day. This might sound like very little but if you find 100 keywords with 10 searches per day and no competition then you can easily dominate them all and get 1000 potential hits every 24 hours.

Hit the “Analyze Keywords” button. You may have to leave Market Samurai for a few minutes while it gathers the results.

keyword research - market samurai

When Market Samurai has completed processing, Click the tab ‘SEOTC’ to list all the keywords in order of Title Competition.

This gives you a list, starting with the easiest keywords to rank highly in Google search, going up to the keywords that will be close to impossible at this stage.

keyword research - market samurai

Have a look at all the keywords with fewer than 1000 SEOTC (Title Competition). Chances are, if you typed in something as broad as “coffee” as your focus keyword, all these low-competition keywords will be on completely different things.

Let’s take a look at our results. The keywords under 1000 SEOTC are:

• blueberry coffee cake
• coffee and marrero
• coffeecake
• coffee cake recipes
• consumer reports on coffee makers
• iced coffee recipes

These are all a bit too untargeted for our audience. Remember, we want a keyword that’s almost entirely based around our target niche because, in Google’s eyes, the site will be more relevant to targeted keywords.

Now let’s dig a bit deeper into the “Coffee” niche.

Refining Your Keyword – Market Samurai

Hit the “Searches” tab and sort all your keywords by number of searches per day, starting with the highest searched first.

keyword research - market samurai

These are the most-searched-for keywords that are based around the keyword “coffee”.

Take a look at these top-keywords and make a note of which ones you want to research further. From the list in the screen shot above, I decided to look into “coffee recipes” because, I will be able to create content and eBooks with free coffee recipes to market my free coffee offer.

Hence, I can align free coffee information with a free coffee offer. I think we may have found our target market.

Hit “New Keyword” and enter “coffee recipes“.

Re-do Steps 1 to 4, except this time set the SEO Traffic (SEOT) to ‘min: 1 search per day’.

keyword research - market samurai

Now, these are starting to look good: we’ve got a lot of highly related keywords, with a lot under 1000 SEOTC (Title Competition). These are the keywords that we are going to target to rank in Google. We also have a lot of highly searched for keywords with slightly higher competition (which we can target after pursuing the low-competition ones).

Once you have completed your Keyword research the next step is to choose a method to incorporate your focus keyword and secondary keywords into searchable, monetize-able content. This could be in the form of a niche blog, an article, a YouTube video or an eBook.

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